Kheng Meng Week 3: Barely threading above the water surface

(I wrote this blog entry in parallel with a longer post on my main blog. If you are interested, check out this link. )

Having nearly zero web programming prior to this course, describing the first Facebook app assignment is tough is a mere understatement. With the second assignment now out, I feel like I’m barely threading above the water surface. Nevertheless, I feel our team has something reasonable to show for our first milestone on Monday.

I have to give credit to the Twitter Bootstrap workshop. Having been exposed to this library, we were wondering why we didn’t use this earlier. The silver lining is that having not known about this, we were forced to go back to fundamentals during the initial process to code our UI. If I have a suggestion to make, it is that this Twitter and Photoshop lesson should be conducted on the first workshop instead of the Github one. After all, we have to make something first before we can commit anything to the repository.

The learning curve for this module is indeed high. Unlike CS2103 where knowledge in Java/C++ in prior modules can be applied, there is no web module before this to equip us with the skills. We have to learn and apply in a shorter time span. But hey that’s why I’m here for right?

Finally, let me end with a complaint. CS3216, why are you worth only 5MCs??? This module deserves at least 8MCs.


2 thoughts on “Kheng Meng Week 3: Barely threading above the water surface

  1. To answer your question why it’s worth only 5 MCs.. it’s because we want to attract people who want to do good stuff first and foremost, and gain MCs as a second priority. 😀

    Besides this course is worth much more than its MCs. We have lots of fantastic people who will come by to share their ideas with you (this week we’re having Bjorn Lee! You want to learn how to find users? Listen to tonight’s talk), but most of all the experience you gain in this course will be extremely painful when you are going through it, but will last you for life.

    That’s why good things happen to CS3216 alumni – quora internships, employment at Google, LucasArts, being engaged as consultants to huge companies.. the list goes on. 🙂

    It’s not luck, it’s the skills and the attitude that “whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”. 😀

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